16. 06. 2021 všechny zápisky

Raising Flowers

I made a simple and sleek stand for flowers and this is an announcement: I’m open to requests for similar stuff.

The Stand

is dead simple. It has three legs which is just enough to be stable but not too much to ever wiggle. It’s just an 8mm steel rod cut and welded into shape. It’s obviously waiting to be tripped over so it’s best placed out of your personal demolition zones.

The Announcement. lol

So I welded some pieces of metal together. Impressive! Anyway, I’d like to offer the following features (aka skills) to anyone.

Like you. Can you think of something cool you’d build if you had a workshop where you can drill, cut, grind, weld, solder, glue, paint with metal, wood or.. anything. Tell me. Maybe we can work it out.

I’ll post more impressive builds in future.

Pics by Anna.

handwork furniture