30. 10. 2020 všechny zápisky

Silver everything

When (as a god damn stoned idiot) I broke my pinky carbon I was left with a complete bike minus the frameset. I envisioned some nice oldschool steel frame I’d just throw all the parts on to get that neo/retro look.

It was as easy as posting a single inquiry to the Urbanvelo group to get me this weird frame.

The frame as I bought it.

Michal, from whom I bought it, didn’t know what it is. The fork holds Dancelli logos but the frame is void of any distinguishing marks. There’s only a serial number and “BSA” stamped on the bottom bracket. The dropouts are Gipiemme. Any guesses on what this might be are appreciated!

The red paint was some poorly executed spray can under which I discovered a decent chrome coating covering the entire frame. I decided to keep it as it is despite my original vision of black with glitter. That perverse seat tube made things a bit complicated. It effectively moves the derailleur braze-on forward which results in chain rubbing against bottom of the front mech cage. I 3D printed a simple spacer that compensates for this. Other than that the build was straight forward.

What I like the most about this bike is how strangely it divides people. After few weeks of flexing with it here and there I observed that “cycling people” don’t like it much. It’s too silver or boring or just weird. However, people who know nothing about bikes just love it.

Anyway, this bike is for sale for 15000 CZK. Reach out to bike@jentak.co. I’m already building something more gravely for me.

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